Yes, Black Lives Matter, why do you ask?

I was living comfortably as a middle-class stooge in Manhattan when a discussion among friends moved to police killings. I mentioned that the little I knew about the police was that their training was insufficient and the shootings, though certainly race-based, could be laid upon the doorsteps of this training.

Looking back at this moment, and at my current views, I sense a part of me that’s solidly bourgeoisie and instinctively stands up for the status quo. I’m not mocking this survival mechanism; I full well know why it exists. Still, it’s hard to excise that belief in power for some form of the truth, but I’m trying—emphasis on trying. Nevertheless, let me properly frame the past by highlighting the fact that my previously held stance was backed by the then “obvious” truth (in my circles) that the decrease in crime in NYC was a direct result of being “tough on crime”. Even if the nuanced among us thought it wasn’t the long sentences or roughing up of the youth—stop and frisk—but rather the flooding of the streets, or “hot-spots” with cops that was the panacea. This was coupled with my military belief that better weapons training would make anyone less likely to pull the trigger for nothing. Read more.