From Szczecin to DC, a Curtain of Ignorance and Evil has descended.

When I tell people where my fiancé is from, I proudly recall that Churchill mentioned her hometown in his famous Iron Curtain Speech. Her town of birth, Szczecin, was once a part of Germany—and the northern end of Churchill’s Iron Curtain. If you wander through its streets you’ll see German buildings and, sometimes, German tourists.

It’s a city and country that’s filled with history. This was brought to the fore when my fiancé’s friend mentioned that they had dug up some human bones in their backyard. They informed the proper authorities and someone came to investigate. Coins, amongst other things, were found and the authorities came to the conclusion that the house and neighborhood had been built on an old Jewish graveyard. In Poland history is ever present, never past, as it were. And though it’s not always as obvious, the same goes for the world. Read more.