Susan Xenarios

Susan Xenarios has a long history of advocating for social justice, starting with the civil rights movement. She marched in the second Selma march in 1969 and organized with the eastern coast Black Panthers and Young Lords in the 60’s. She was involved in the Women’s movement, as well as the anti-rape, anti-battered women, and anti-child abuse movements, and especially the Parents of Murdered Children.


In 1977, Xenarios founded the first healthcare based rape crisis intervention program in NYC and NYS where she is currently a clinical social worker. The program has grown and transformed to become the Crime Victims Treatment Center of Mount Sinai West and St. Luke’s Hospitals. She was also one of six founders and the first Board President of the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault and founder of the Columbia University Task Force on Rape. For the past 20 years, Xenarios has been the Chair and now Co-Chair of the Downstate Coalition for Crime Victims and Co-Chair with the Chief of Sex Crimes for the Manhattan DA, the Manhattan Task Force on Sexual Assault. She graduated from the Columbia University School of Social Work in 1982.