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About Us

Internship Opportunities

Intersections International offers full-time and part-time internships in different program areas, communications, and research.

Internship opportunities are open to qualified students, who are eligible for academic credit through their college or university program. For more information, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

We greatly appreciate your interest in volunteering with Intersections. From time to time we need volunteers to help with events, publicity or other areas. If you are interested in volunteering with Intersections, please e-mail your contact information to: info@intersections.org and tell us how you’d like to get involved.

Job Opportunities

Program & Administrative Associate



Protests against Racism: the Current Civil Unrest


State of Affairs, 2020. © Chester Higgins Archives

Orlando Protests - Justin D. Johnson

NYC Protests - Victoria C. Anderson


Unsplash.com - Cooper Baumgartner, Mike Von, Teemu Paananen

Protests against Racism: the Current Civil Unrest