What is Intersections? Intersections’ Digital Video Receives Pixie Award

We are pleased to announce that Intersections International and PromoHouse, the New Jersey based broadcast design firm, are recipients of the coveted Gold Pixie Award for What is Intersections?, a new and innovative organizational video.  The Gold Pixie represents outstanding work in motion and graphics.  

The video which contains exceptional use of 3D graphic elements was lauded for its creative and intricate design, beautiful use of text, and its creative interpretation of the word “intersections,” as it relates to the work of Intersections International.

Rev. Robert Chase, Founding Director for Intersections and Executive Producer for the video said, “I couldn’t be happier.  The video has helped to enhance our brand, while providing us with a high quality, effective communications medium, designed to inform our stakeholders, partners and the general public about the mission and work of Intersections International.”  

Chase further stated, “We have reason to believe that the video is an extremely efficient one. Viewers have been fascinated by its style and innovation, as well as, its goal to inform and to inspire. But most importantly, we feel that the video has produced an optimistic emotional impact, moving both individuals and organizations to action.  I am grateful to Kierra and Joe for their superior work. ”

PromoHouse, founded by Kierra and Joe Parlagreco, brings decades of experience in film, television and live event production. Kierra Parlagreco, Director of Post Production & Design said recently, “Intersections is an incredible, forward-looking organization doing out of the box work in numerous areas. The staff is nimble and their projects are fluid, as change-makers are always themselves being changed in the process. Therefore, we set out to create a digital video that would intrigue viewers, inspire curiosity, and a have a visual look as out of the box as Intersection’s own work. I hope we achieved our goal!”

The Pixie Awards honors and promotes outstanding individual work in motion graphics, visual effects and animation. The Pixie Awards is sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, founded in 2008 by David E. Carter, also the founder of the Telly® Awards and American Corporate Identity, and editor of the Creativity Annual.

What is Intersections? from Intersections International on Vimeo.