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The contract that I signed when I joined the Army reflected that I would serve no more than the four years that I signed up for. I put in a little overtime during that stretch (in those days you had to treat the military contract like a + 1 wedding invite; the + 1 in my case reflects the extra year of overseas duty after I got stop-lossed). I looked forward to finally being a civilian again. I had no real plan after leaving – all I knew was that I wanted to complete my education and take on the mantle of husband and father that was newly bestowed upon me.

After looking for employment for eight months I found a job as a legal assistant within the federal government. I stayed in this position for close to five years; finishing my degree and settling into the civilian life. After I finished my degree the government job held little allure to me and I decided to enter the nonprofit sector. I hoped to settle into a long-term position and build upon my newfound passion for helping people. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Ever since I left my stable government job four years ago, I have held six different jobs, averaging less than a year in each position. Read more.