Uniform Justice Opens in Memphis

Uniform Justice, an authentic play based on true confrontation, conflict and a community's search for Insight, opened in Memphis, TN, on Thursday evening, March 27.  The play debuted following a partnership project with George Mason University, the Hattiloo Theatre, the Department of Justice, the Memphis Mayors’ Innovation Office and other community stakeholders and TE’A.

Intersections International’s TE’A (Theater, Engagement and Action) engaged its Insight methodology to explore community experiences with retaliatory violence and police relations, and to help transform the dynamic between communities and police departments. The project produced an original Insight approach training video for police officers, and culminates in this theatrical experience that both police and community members will attend through March 30.

Uniform Justice tells a dramatic story about friends, neighbors and police officers in a Memphis community, and takes on the very real and complex issues of retaliatory violence and police community relations.

Uniform Justice was written by Intersections International’s Chukwuma Obasi, TE’A Project Manager, Directed by Chukwuma Obasi & Frederick Johnson, Director of Strategic Initiatives; and is a production with TE’A Artistic Director Vieve Price, Stage Manager Anthony James, Hattiloo Theatre Artistic Director Ekundayo Bandele, and Retaliatory Violence Insight Project Director Jaime Price.

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