Bridging the military-civilian divide is a huge endeavor. No individual or organization should face that task alone. Check out our partners, who support us through content creation, event planning, and funding. On our resources page you’ll find tips and tools for navigating the military-civilian divide. If you are inspired by Service Together, please visit our donation page to help us fulfill our mission of bridging the military-civilian divide!

Educational Resources

Community Building Resources

  • NYC Veterans Alliance - A membership organization dedicated to finding policy solutions that improve the lives of NYC Veterans.
  • Team RWB - A community organization that brings veterans and civilians together in service projects and physical fitness activities.
  • - Referred to as the “Yelp” of Veterans services, this website allows users to leave feedback about organizations and agencies they’ve interacted with.

Art and Inspiration Resources

  • Society of Artistic Veterans - A community organization that brings together veterans who work in the arts.
  • Words After War - A writing workshop that brings veterans and civilians together to share their stories. Past participants and facilitators have included authors Phil Klay, Matt Gallagher, Maurice DeCaul, and Adrian Bonnenberger.
  • Warrior Chorus - A national initiative that trains veterans to present innovative public programs to Americans based on classical literature and how it speaks to us today.
  • Project 9 Line - A Long Island based organization that empowers veterans in their reintegration through the arts and entrepreneurship.

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