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Farid Johnson and Brandon Mills talk about Service Together’s upcoming concert, Soundtrack of War, and the importance of music as a tool for community building and reintegration. Brandon Mills is a singer,...

Service Together offers a variety of services to help individuals, organizations, and practitioners navigate the military-civilian divide. From our educational initiatives, to our community events featuring art and music, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of veterans and their families by supporting service providers, honoring individuals who serve, and bridging the military-civilian divide.

Military Cultural Competency Training

Intersections International’s military cultural competency curriculum, The Basics and Beyond: A Training Curriculum for Supporting Our Military & Veteran Community, was developed in partnership with the Military Resilience Project. Training events for your nonprofit agency, your school, or your corporation are available through Service Together, a program of Intersections International. The curriculum is paired with thoughtful discussions and interactive elements and covers a diverse range of topics related to working with military personnel, veterans, and their families while remaining engaging and educative. Our trained facilitators, led by Dr. Mike DeFalco, PsyD, and Aynisa Leonardo, LCAT ATR-BC, possess over a decade of experience working with veterans and their families in both inpatient and outpatient settings using clinical techniques, educational programming, as well as the arts and music. Our team is excited to work with clients throughout the New York/Tristate area.

The Basics and Beyond can be broken into Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced sections depending on your organization’s familiarity with military and veteran culture. Training events are available in half day, full day, or 3-day formats and each module can be presented in full, condensed, or partial format. Intensive training events covering each module in full can be presented along a weekly, monthly, or year-long continuum. Military cultural competency training may also be combined with Forum events to provide an immersive, moving experience. We are happy to work with you to create a training experience that best meets the needs of your organization.

The Basics and Beyond consists of six modules, each with three chapters. Please click here to download the entire table of contents and index.

Contact Molly Pearl, Program Manager, to schedule a consultation at or 646-723-7823.

Service Together began as the Veteran Civilian Dialogue, a program informed by clinical psychology that utilized therapeutic methods to build community. During a Veteran Civilian Dialogue, veterans and civilians came together to discuss their experiences of war, trauma, and the act of witnessing. Although the program has moved away from a therapeutic model to focus on community building through mutual service, social justice, and the arts, Service Together continues to host Forums in an effort to bridge the military-civilian divide. Forums are a shared space where veterans, civilians, caregivers, and family members discuss the importance of service, civic duty, sacrifice, and honor. They are a place for community conversation and sharing stories. Forum participants leave feeling connected to a community, spiritually recharged, and reinvigorated to make change. Forums are presented free of charge for all participants.

Past Service Together Forums brought together student veterans and their civilian peers, veteran service providers and mental health practitioners, Vietnam and Post 9/11 era veterans, and the family members and caregivers supporting those who serve. Read testimonials from our Forum participants below and check out our upcoming events to find out about future Forums.

Interested in hosting a Forum on your campus, in your community, or for your organization? Contact Molly Pearl, Program Manager, at


“An inspiring experience that will transform my efforts in service to top priority”

“Excellent event- so many inspiring stories of service. Learned a lot and had fun!”

“The leaders were outstanding! Never has two hours gone so quick!!! Wonderful night.”