About Us
About Us
Service Together

Uniting veterans and civilians in mutual pursuit of social justice to bridge the military-civilian divide

Service Together bridges the military-civilian divide by uniting veterans and their communities in mutual pursuit of social justice.

Service Together’s vision is that veterans will be able to leverage their unique perspective and experience to further social justice initiatives in partnership with their civilian peers.

What do we do? Service Together informs, empowers, and inspires veterans and civilians to be of service in their own communities. We accomplish this by facilitating dialogue around what it means to support and defend, by acknowledging and uplifting the diversity and complexity of veteran voices and experiences, by educating civilians about the veteran experience, by using art as a medium to help express veteran and civilian stories, and by cultivating opportunities for veterans and civilians to come together on the issues that affect their communities.

Why do we do it? Service members take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. For many veterans, that oath does not end upon discharge. In the face of systemic injustice, veterans are redefining what it means to support and defend on the home front and in service to their own communities. Service Together knows that mutual service is a powerful tool in veteran reintegration and bridging the military-civilian divide. We believe that the experience of serving in our nation’s military provides a unique perspective and set of skills that veterans bring to the fight for social justice.


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