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Selective Privilege

Veteran privilege. This is a phrase that invokes a broad range of reactions depending on who the audience is. From bland nonchalance to foaming mouth religious fervor, the American public’s feelings about veteran privilege runs a gamut of emotions. Does veteran privilege exist? Some people would reason that yes; given the advantages veterans have in obtaining government employment, the almost automatic respect veterans are given, and the retail discounts that many corporations are generous enough to offer military warriors, veteran privilege exists in many forms. Some people would dispute that logic and maintain that veteran privilege does not exist because the extras that veterans are afforded are undeniably earned by volunteering to be part of that other 1% - people who willingly sign up to serve their country, while knowing they may have to one day pay the ultimate sacrifice. I believe that it is a selective privilege and that one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., trumps whatever so-called privilege may exist. When I was completing basic training, my drill sergeants loved to preach that everyone was the same and that the only color they saw was green. But once you stow that uniform away and leave the safe ranks of the base, the person inside that uniform is judged by whatever preconceived notions society holds them by. Read more