Global Peacemaking

Uniting divided nations and peoples through multi-cultural, interreligious action that builds relationships and dismantles extremist narratives. 

The Global Peacemaking program works to heal the rifts that separate humanity across race, ethnicity, religion and international borders. Convening diverse groups at the intersection of faith and reconciliation, we are breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes and cultivating cooperation where traditional diplomacy has been frozen. More

Thu, 30 Aug 2018
One Man’s Terrorist

There I was: my first deployment in Iraq, sitting in an idling Humvee, waiting for the moment when we would be released from the gates for our mission. My team leader pierced our lull when he mentioned our reason for being there was to fight the terrorists here in Iraq, rather than at home. Sitting there doused in testosterone, diesel... more...

Tue, 3 Oct 2017
blogAre drones paving the future?

In this day and age, governments and militaries around the world are seeking the most efficient and casualty minimising means of warfare. This new rationale and strategy can be connected to people’s and governments’ sensitivity towards human suffering. Therefore, the main aim is to reduce one’s own casualties and... more...

Wed, 20 Sep 2017
blogA Path of an Immigrant

I was born In Uzbekistan, a beautiful country with endless opportunities for the few and poverty for many. I was among the few. My father, a successful upholsterer, has ensured a comfortable life for our family in a two story house with two swimming pools and a beautiful garden. I would only spectate the economically struggling... more...

Mon, 11 Sep 2017
blogAcid attacks in rise

Since Trump’s 2016 election victory we have witnessed a drastic increase in the number of hate crimes committed on American soil. According to one study undertaken in nine areas across the US, there is an overall increase of 23.3% in hate crimes from the previous year. This same phenomenon can also be observed in the UK post-Brexit... more...