Efforts to Further the Message of Peace from Religious Communities

As we begin the summer, I am particularly excited at how different religious communities are adapting to the changing times in their efforts to advocate for a greater understanding of all people and peace in the world.

Just yesterday from Vatican City, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI tweeted the launch of the Holy See’s information portal which is designed as “an effort to deliver an evangelizing message to a greater audience through the Internet.” This is a notable step forward in expanding the Church’s message from print and broadcast media, and will make their message of peace much more accessible.

Tomorrow in New York, a coalition of interfaith organizations will host a press conference to present a city-wide event that is being organized to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. This event will be held under the auspices of Prepare New York, as this coalition seeks to strengthen the social fabric of the city and serve as a model for all people across the country by carrying out a 12-month-long, three-part campaign leading up to 9/11/11. Prepare NY’s purpose is to celebrate the religious freedom entrusted to all in the United States, and the religious diversity that strengthens this great constitutional republic.

Congratulations to the Holy See and Prepare New York for your noble work of sending the message of peace and unity during this time!

To learn more on Prepare NY and its press conference, please visit: