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    Sun, 21 Aug 2016
    blogWhat is Racism, Anyway?

    I’ve lived in New York City pretty much my entire life, though I was a college freshman at the State University of New York at Geneseo — over 6 hours away from home — on 9/11.  Like every other American, I was consumed by this event, and I was especially focused on who flew those planes. I saw their faces on the... more...

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    Fri, 24 Jun 2016
    blogA Unique Experience

    When I wrote my last blog, “The Effect of Telling Someone’s Story,” I was reflecting on how powerful it can be to tell another person’s story through theatre.  At the time, I was particularly inspired having just seen Joe Morton portray Dick Gregory in Turn Me Loose (now playing Off-Broadway), and having... more...

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    Mon, 23 May 2016
    blogThe Effect of Telling Someone's Story

    Let me be honest... I enjoy talking about myself. I especially enjoy telling cherished stories, like the one about how I met my wife, the time I lost my son in a supermarket, and the time I scaled a fence to find myself face-to-face with Niagara Falls. You know what else I really enjoy doing? Telling other people’s stories.... more...

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    Mon, 9 May 2016
    blogDream on Church Street

    For the past three months, I’ve been working with a company of actors in Montclair, NJ to create a new play that addresses community–police relations there, similar to the way Uniform Justice was created in Memphis, TN. It’s an intense process to write a play in three months, especially when that play needs to reflect... more...

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    Tue, 26 Apr 2016
    blogDance is a Common Journey

    May 7th is right around the corner, and it’s also the premiere of the Intersections Dance Collective’s (IDC) newest work — The Common Journey — at West End Collegiate Church. As a dancer in the Collective, I’m looking forward to sharing this months-long creative process with the general public. Through this... more...

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    Tue, 12 Apr 2016
    blogConfessions of Social Media User who Likes To Be...

    I have a pretty good thing going with Facebook: over 1000 friends, and I’ve actually met or hung out with over 90% of those friends at least once. Most of my close friends have an account, but a few don’t because they are not fans of Facebook, or social media in general for that matter.  Actually, many of my friends... more...

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    Mon, 22 Feb 2016
    blogArtist Fighting Cancer

    Last month, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, and my life perspective hasn't been the same since. He's very young, and the thought of him having to fight such a challenging battle, let alone — God forbid — possibly losing this battle, reinforces the idea that life isn't fair,... more...

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    Thu, 21 Jan 2016
    blogThe Intersections Dance Collective is Making a...

    The Intersections Dance Collective (IDC) was formed in 2014 with four dancers of diverse performing backgrounds, two multi-skilled musicians, and an artistic director from France, with the goal of inspiring social change through movement and expression. Our performances would be unique in that audiences wouldn’t just sit and watch,... more...

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    Mon, 11 Jan 2016
    blogVoices Like Dr. King’s

    There is probably not a person on this earth who has not heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Having learned about him in school from a young age, his words are familiar to me, and I have always held him in high regard for his role as a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, advocating for... more...

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    Tue, 8 Dec 2015
    blogChristmas Trees and Menorahs

    My younger son, Elijah, was baptized last Saturday, on his second birthday. If you are familiar with Catholic guilt, you might imagine relatives wondering, what took so long? Catholic children are often baptized within the first few months of life, and I waited two years. I had always intended to do it, but it was my wife, who is Jewish,... more...